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The sunshine sevens

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ALL profits are donated to local charities

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Gayle Adam, Head Teacher, Step-by-Step said:

Step by Step are very pleased to have our continued support from the Sunshine 7's at EGRFC and maintained our relationship over many years.  Our pupils and families have relied heavily on us remaining open during the pandemic and with the exception of a few days, we have managed to provide much needed education, care and nurture for our pupils.  Our pupils’ worlds became very small when all their routines and familiar places they could go to shut down, almost overnight, including respite services. 

Despite the adversity, we completed a build project during the pandemic, which was no mean feat. The building now provides two more permanent classrooms, a 6th form common room, a new staffroom and training room for the school.  The build was only possible through the assistance of donors, like the Sunshine 7's. 

Last year we used the Sunshine 7 funding to purchase an interactive gaming board  for the pupils to use.  It provides fun, enjoyment, fitness, co-ordination and competitiveness for the pupils (and some of the staff to be honest!), a pool table for our new common room, new i-pads for two of our non-verbal  pupils to use as a communication device and some outdoor activities once we were able to get back out into the community. 

Thank you from the whole school community for the continued generosity and efforts that are made to assist our pupils to learn, grow, develop and most importantly, be happy. Thank you from all at Step by Step.” 

65th sunshine sevens 23rd April 2023

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